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without language barrier!

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What is wochat?

Wochat is a multilingual instant messaging to communicate worldwide through text,
audio and video messages. Now with Wochat the world is in your hands.

Language is no longer a problem with Wochat. You can communicate textually, vocally or in video without worrying about the language of your contact.
With Wochat you can communicate, exchange documents and audio messages with a group of friends or colleagues using the group chats.
Wochat is a multifunctional communication tool. You can make an Audio/Video call and soon a videoconference with up to 4 contacts. The toolbar helps you to interact easily with other contacts by sharing position, contacts or sharing media etc...


Why not call someone directly? With Wochat, you can make Audio or Video call for free everywhere in the world. The Video call can use our translation engine to translate the audio on the fly.

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Unlimited exchange of files, photos and videos, up to 15 Mega. A simple Drag and Drop and it's sent!

Wochat is a live video, voice chat or messaging app that features live translation. Start connecting with friends and customers all over the world today - for free! Live translation of messages and video makes Wochat the premiere app for global communication. You speak your language and your friend hears their language - automatically!

We’re seeking to bring people together from across the globe. Thanks to Wochat, the world just got a lot smaller. Featuring state of the art LIVE translation capabilities, our Wochat app will allow you exchange messages, voice and video chat with anyone regardless of language barriers. Use your mobile device for all of your catching up, networking or for simply meeting new people regardless of regions and languages. Our app uses your device’s current connections, either network or Wi-Fi, to connect you with millions of users across the globe

Message with live translation

Global business has never been easier. Our free app features support for all languages, and is even able to translate high-quality video calls. Our easy to use system, complete with smart keyboard auto correction, ensures your message is delivered fast and accurately. You send your message in your language and your recipient receives the message in his language automatically!

Meet new people worldwide

Our mission is to bring the world together using the technology you have in your hand through your device. While this is the perfect free app to message or call home, it is also a tremendous platform for networking, global business or simply making new friends. User can even take advantage of our free app to date and find relationships across the globe!

The world’s first truly universal messaging app!

Wochat’s menus and interface support English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Chinese. When you begin chatting, you’ll experience Instant translation of your messages and video chat into 103 different languages including Arabic, Chinese (both simple and traditional), Hindi, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Swahili and so many more!

Dynamic messaging system

Send high-quality written messages, audio messages, video or voice chat -- fast. Schedule messages ahead of time - never miss a happy birthday or holiday message again! Group chat features make catching up with multiple friends or messaging your entire family a breeze.

Communicate with no fees

Our app is truly free using your already existing network of WiFi means you can message and video call without the need for extra subscriptions.

Data protection

Connect across the globe with guaranteed the peace of mind of end-to-end encryption. Our messages our encrypted to ensure your privacy. We pride ourselves in protecting our users and their data. Accordingly, our development team uses the latest data protection practices to ensure your identity and information stays safe. We will never sell your information to outside agencies.

The World of chat

Understand and be underestood, with Wochat you can finally communicate with the world easily! Your contacts can now understand you textually but also vocally.